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This is my 'Holistic Haven' where I provide a place to learn about healing through a fusion of arts, crafts, alternative therapies and ancient wisdom. I want my customers to be able to learn about my inspirations and understand my passions. On this site you can find information and articles from my research as well as learn how to make products yourself from my art tutorial videos. In the Shop you will find products to buy and I specialise in commissions if you would like a bespoke piece. 

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About Me

Serena Grey: BAHons 3D Design; qualified Teacher of Art & Design. DIP Creative Therapy.

I am an artist working from home in UK. My style encompasses my love of experimenting with a variety of media and tools such as acrylics, watercolours, metallics, inks, charcoal, chalk, hand made stencils and also embellishments such as glitter and fabrics.

I do use computers to enhance my work for Greetings Cards and Prints, but I always start with my original paintings which are then scanned or photographed. 

Muses, inspirations & artistic aims

I have always been interested in Art as therapy, a visual source of comfort and healing. Colour is extremely important for psychological well~being so I take the essences of colour healing seriously when creating my images. 

My love of Nature inspires me and you will find many of my pieces based on flowers, trees and fantasy landscapes. These days people suffer from a high level of stress through many environmental factors, the main one being that we are all detached from the primitive connection with Nature that we once had. My beautiful images uplift and give a sense of calm and peace.

I also like to explore Mystical and Supernatural themes. I believe that art should feed the imagination and keep the child alive inside each of us. 

Finally, art should help people to feel inspired and empowered despite life's every day challenges. I create Greetings Cards, Postcards, Bookmarks and Wallet cards with my beautiful images and on these print quotes, mantras or poems as keepsakes which can be spiritual inspirations forever. 

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