Pestle & Mortar- Natural, Organic & Cruelty Free Skincare with a blend of Aromatherapy

We don't need harsh chemicals or toxins in our lives. It only takes 15 minutes for toxins to get into our bloodstream. Mother Nature knows best!

by Birds Become fishes

This page is dedicated to my personal journey of experimentation, creation and promoting Pestle & Mortar products. I will list each product and its ingredients list, as well as any other information that might be of interest, and when I receive my EU license to sell, you will find them all in the Shop on this site and in my Etsy Shop. 

I would like my you as my customers, to have first hand experiences of my work and how your products are created and made. There will be a form at the end of this page where you may ask questions regarding anything you see here, on this page or on my Website.

Bright Blessings to you all. 

How it all started~

It all started when I realised that I didn't actually know what I was putting on my hair and skin everyday. I was also spending a ridiculous amount of money on Household Cleaners, Room Sprays, Laundry Powder and makeup. It was time to make my own!

I initially researched on the internet and watched a lot of Youtube videos demonstrating how to make a variety of products. I started with Toothpaste, Laundry Powder and Surface Cleaner. The rest is history! 

My philosophy behind this venture is that in Nature we can find everything we need to cleanse, moisturise and protect our skin. The use of essential oils not only make these lotions smell nice, but also are very effective for promoting healthy skin and protecting, soothing and healing. Our moods and emotions can be uplifted, relaxed or altered as we wish by using the correct blends of oils. 

Of course, all of these ingredients are kind to the environment and animals as well as our skin and well-being. Everyone wins!

Please keep visiting as I add my products list!

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